As the Aosta Valley's liqueur par excellence, Génépi is the jewel in the crown of the company.

We produce different types of Génépi: the most innovative ones are “Riserva” - the velvety refined infusion aged in oak casks for four - six months - and “Zerbion”, an infusion of the Mutellina variety fresh flowers (instead of dried ones, as the tradition requires) which gives to Génépi a pungent taste and a fragrant nose. Last but not least, “Riservato agli Amici” and “Genepy al miele” - a Génépi combined with tones of honey - are included within the product selection.

Vertosan brand is well-known throughout the area also for the tonic liquor “Ciardon”, a milk thistle infusion with depurative properties.

Another spirit with a captivating flavor is “Liquore al Pino Mugo” (Mountain Pine Liqueur), extremely aromatic, fabulous served warm during the winter season.

Our product selection includes also some local single grape varietal grappas, such as “Chambave Muscat”, “Chambave Muscat Passito”, “Fumin” and “Blanc de Morgex”.

Moreover, “Grappa Rebatta” is an eau de vie resulting from a specific distillation process and is available in both many different flavours – blueberries, honey, licorice - and classic.

A brand new product is the “Vergin” London dry gin, a mix of juniper berries, génépi flowers and other different alpine herbs put together for a perfect combination of smell and taste.