Vertosan is located in Châtillon along the Dora Baltea river, at the beginning of the Valtournenche Valley.

The company produces liqueurs and infusions strongly associated to the Aosta Valley region. Bernardini's family took over the brand and updated the historical recipes, maintaining their original pleasantness and traditional features.

Our commitment is to keep both properties and aromas of the officinal herbs from which originate our products”.

Bernardini's family has been working within the food & beverage for years and took over the Vertosan's brand in 2007.

Craftsmanship and the bond with the territory are reflected in the company since the beginning in the early 70s: the milk thistle tonic liquor “Ciardon”and Génépi became their masterpieces.

Looking for new flavors to taste while respecting the tradition, the family has always given the production process a personal touch so much that the new company modernized the old recipes and new infusions were introduced in 2010 such as an original selection from Aosta Valley of some single varietal grappas.

The choice of raw materials is essential for achieving excellent results and Bernardini's family always pays personal attention to pick out the best ever, which is also reflected in both production and marketing phases (starting with aesthetics, 'cause “even your eyes can drink”). All Vertosan's products are designed in a nice vintage style, starting from the original 70s bottle customized with the company's logo embossed on the top shoulder.

Innovating while respecting tradition, attachment to territory, passion for quality have been chosen as the core aspects of the company's philosophy and they always will.


Génépi has always been used by the alp dwellers to prevent chills and for its therapeutic and digestive properties. It is known indeed as “l'aspirine des montagnards” (the mountaineer aspirin) for its marvelous qualities. The end of the 18th century marked the spread of the traditional maceration techniques throughout the region by the local inhabitants, who started producing the drink known today as the Aosta Valley's most popular liqueur.


The famous Aosta Valley liquor is produced by macerating the flowering tops of Artemisia in a water and alcohol mixture. However, distillation is another method as much effective as maceration to extract the aromas and active ingredients which may give to Génépi an empty white color. Artemisia plants grow above 1.500 meters in the Northern orographic slope, whereas above 1.350 meters in the Southern one. The water needed for the Génépi production entirely comes from the mountains of Aosta Valley.